MAN Trucks and Busses, Transaction to GUI

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Migration of applications, written in COBOL, from a mainframe to UNIX. Analysis of legacy software. Detecting all command lines that are not compatible with UNIX Cobol. Replacing of transaction screens with GUI.

Software Check and Analysis of all applications. Solving all reference and call errors. Missing and dead code was determined. Using ITP-WebSolv technology some student were able to create 800 GUI screens within three weeks. Test by simulating 800 parallel transaction.

ITP-PANORAMA allowed cleaning the software before migration. To get the UNIX system up and running the truck and bus production needed to be stopped for only 30 minutes. The new system was running smoothly from the first moment on.

Customer Comment:
Mr. Mittermeier said: “We could have saved a lot of money if we had ITP-PANORAMA already at the start of the migration project!”



TANDEM Host replaced by HP-UX

  • Production planning system software in COBOL.

    Operating five plants world-wide

    140,000 Transactions per day