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4,500 programs written in Assembler, Cobol and PL/I had to be analyzed to allow the currency change to EURO. It took a contractor twelve month to analyze the first 1,500 programs. There was not enough time left to analyze the remaining 3,000 programs so slowly.

All five million lines of code were scanned in ITP-PANORAMA HyperCube Repository. Within days all lines of code were analyzed and those that had to be changed were found.

With the input from ITP-PANORAMA all 4.500 programs were changed and the deadline was met.

Customer Comment:
“After only three weeks we have got the ROI of the investment in ITP-PANORAMA ”. It did cost a fraction of the contractor contract that would have missed the deadline anyway.

IBM Mainframe - 4,500 Assembler, Cobol and PL/I programs with 5 mill. LOC.