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The Most Advanced & Effective Software Maintenance Tool Available

  • Any change may contain risk if you overlook the impact that it has on the entire application.
  • Get a real-time technical re-documentation of all your applications.
  • All analyses, searches and selections are always 100% correct, which avoids errors in the first place.
  • Unique Dataflow Analysis shows the value chains across your IT systems in seconds.
  • It only takes a day or two to get ITP-PANORAMA up and running including four to six hours of training.
  • Check of complex IT systems down to the smallest detail.
  • Trial period of 30 days using ITP-PANORAMA in a project will show all benefits and convince the decision makers.
  • Developers save 90% of analysis time.
  • Just click on any detail of the software and it will be displayed with all of its relationships across complex applications.
  • Get a panoramic view of your software.
  • Raise efficiency, reduce bugs, save time and cost of change requests.
  • Short time to market.

“I doubt we ever had such a success with a trial copy of software. We started the purchase process immediately after the trial ended!”

Bob Campbell, Architect and Project Manager new APM

at Raymond James Financials, St. Petersburg, USA

“My employees have more confidence in the daily scanned source code than in any other kind of documentation!”

FIDUCIA GAD AG, Munich, Mr. Wilhelm Alexy, Head of Quality-Assurance

 "My managers slept much too good. They had no idea in what state our source code was before we had ITP-PANORAMA!"

Roland Christen, Architect at Credit Suisse, Zurich

"The first Softeare Tool that kept its promisis!"

Thorwaldt Moeller, Project Manager Enterprise Systems at ATOS International