Positioning ITP-PANORAMA

Name of Product:
Panorama, because it gives the total overview over all applications.


  • Powerful tool to raise productivity and quality of software (Maintenance, Modernization, Migration)
  • Restart a maintenance project with ITP-PANORAMA and it will be finished in at least half of the time compared to any other tool-set

Target Group:
Companies that have to maintain large quantities of individually written applications in Finance, Automotive, Outsourcing, Government and many other markets

Main Use:

  • Re-documentation of aging applications
  • Cleaning the code from Open links, No longer used modules, Dead code
  • Analyzing impact of changes
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • Daily Software Quality Analysis
  • Controlling outsourcing projects

Main Benefit: (business point of view)

  • Shorter time to market
  • Higher quality of software
  • Higher efficiency maitaining and modernizing coplex applications
  • Higher productivity due to sub-second response time
  • Cost savings resulting of high productivity

In Case of Outsourcing:

  • Developers can work after a short learning period in unfamiliar applications
  • Progress of development is visible and mesurable
  • Output and quality of work can be verified
  • Short ROI

Main Benefit: (technical point of view)

  • All developers can understand applications
  • Clean code is easier to maintain
  • Quality through daily qualtiy analysis and cross-check
  • Online, real-time documentation of all applications
  • Because analysis are so fast, alternative solutions can be checked
  • Individual reporting


  • HyperCube repository, in use since 2000, can provide capabilities not possible with relational databases
  • Support of all common programming languages (legacy and modern), operating systems and databases
  • Fast scanners allow daily updates
  • Scanning includes compiling of all programs and cross-reference checking of all entities
  • Ultra fast processing of unlimited amounts of your code (30m LOC COBOL in 90 Min.)
  • Can use up to 16 parallel processors in an analyses/search/selection
  • Analysis/searches/selections even in 60 million lines of code processed in less than a second (on average)
  • Results shown with all relationships and all dependencies
  • Data Flow Analysis across applications displayed in flow chart graphic
  • Function Point Analysis computed per statement shows real complexity of selected parts of applications
  • Extracting of business objects from legacy code (in development)

Introduction at a New Site:

It only takes one or two days to:

  • Install ITP-PANORAMA
  • Scan the sources
  • Train developers (4 hours)


  • Proof of concept (free of charge)
  • Scanning an application,
  • Populating a HyperCube,
  • Online demo
  • Software Check with 30 day trial ($10K)
  • Scanning applications (some 10m LOC)
  • Checking of all dependencies (First error list usually pretty impressive)
  • Building a HyperCube Repository
  • Training a development team
  • Support during the 30 day trial

Pricing Model:

  • Concurrent licenses on server
  • Minimum sales 10 licenses
  • No licenses on clients