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  • Gain high productivity and quality with ITP's leading OLAP HyperCube technology
  • Avoiding errors by knowing the impact of a change to the entire IT system
  • Review changes made by your team or contractors and stay in control
  • Use one environment for all languages, databases and platforms

Maintenance, modernization or migration: Any change to your software contains risks, which we help to minimize.

It starts with the cleaning of the software. The cross reference checking over all applications shows all missing links, no longer used programs, modules, tables, files, records, LOC etc. that should not be carried to the new world.

Developers learn ITP-PANORAMA within four hours. Then, they save 80% of learning and 90% of analysis time.

Just click on any detail of a complex software system and it will be displayed with all of its relationships across all applications


Master your Java applications like never before

An Eclipse and IBM RD/z User Interface (Plug-In) for Analyses in Legacy Languages in ITP-PANORAMA is available since mid of 2017.

NEW! ITP-PANORAMA is now also available for Java!

Why is this important for the maintenance of Java Applications?

Common tools for APM of Java can only manage a fraction of complex applications written in Java. This is not good enough!

  • ITP-PANORAMA can master unlimited amount of Java code. Largest number of LOC scanned so far is 240 Million.
  • It was never before possible to overview and analyze all Packages, Classes and Methods of an enterprise at the same time. ITP offers now both Eclipse/IDz and PANORAMA user interface.

Performing analyses, searches and selections used to be time consuming.

  • The repository of ITP-PANORAMA resides in the RAM of a server in a propriety multidimensional OLAP HyperCube Repository. No need to access data outside the RAM during analyses, searches or selections.
  • Response time is less than a 3 second in average, because all happens in the memory and all available processors are used simultaneously.

Change Requests and so the “time to market” take too long and are too expensive. There is always a risk that architects and developers overlook the impact of a change to the entire software system.

  • Results of analyses, searches and selections performed with ITP-PANORAMA are always 100% correct and reliable. Why? Because during scanning a Cross-Reference-Check was performed and all entities retrieved from the source code are linked with all usages.
  • Analyzing the impact of a change request to the entire software system developers save 90% of time compared to common tools after only one day of training.

Convince yourself in a 30 day trail that Maintenance and Modernization of Java applications can be performed in less time, but higher qualitiy.

Installation takes only two or three days.

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Search through tens of millions of lines in seconds


Advanced OLAP HyperCube "in memory" Repository offers unrivaled performance!

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