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  • Gain high productivity and quality with ITP's leading OLAP HyperCube technology
  • Avoiding errors by knowing the impact of a change to the entire IT system
  • Review changes made by your team or contractors and stay in control
  • Use one environment for all languages, databases and platforms

Maintenance, modernization or migration: Any change to your software contains risks, which we help to minimize.

It starts with the cleaning of the software. The cross reference checking over all applications shows all missing links, no longer used programs, modules, tables, files, records, LOC etc. that should not be carried to the new world.

Developers learn ITP-PANORAMA within four hours. Then, they save 80% of learning and 90% of analysis time.

Just click on any detail of a complex software system and it will be displayed with all of its relationships across all applications

Version 5.3 - July 20th 2021

ITP-PANROAMA 5.3 is ready! We included many improvements and new features to make work with PANORAMA even easier than before. Of course, your current licenses and hypercube projects will not be modified in any way. To use all of the new abilities you will have to do a rescan of your hypercubes.

Besides a lot of small tweaks and improvements the upgrade also offers new functionality:

  • With COBOL we now support Conditional Compilation ( >>IF ) and other features of Enterprise COBOL 6.3 (IBM z/OS)
  • On the client side, the macro capabilities are much extended. Now a macro not only includes selection command but also accessing the clipboard, saving data, and creating graphs and ad-hoc reports.
  • Also the client now supports so-called „Selection Stacks“. This allow the user to take break in his current selection / search, start a new search and later return to his previous search at exactly the point he stopped.
  • In this context we changed the BACK button on the toolbar to a „real“ undo function. Now, it no longer just undoes the last selection but also other functions like a RESET (Home) or a “Select Excluded”
  • Accordingly there is now a „forward“ or redo button on the toolbar that re-applies undone selections and other actions.



IBM Licences our Scanners and Hypercube Technology

Munich, Mar. 16th 2021

ITP Software Systeme GmbH Announces Licensing Agreement with IBM to enhance DevOps capabilities across Hybrid Cloud

Today, ITP is announcing IBM has licensed ITP HyperCube technology to enhance the company’s DevOps and application modernization capabilities.  The performance, power and small footprint of the ITP HyperCube technology coupled with the scanners produced by ITP can enable IBM to deploy intelligent application throughout the DevOps pipeline – a key step on the application modernization journey for clients adopting hybrid cloud.

“Integrating ITP technology into IBM’s current offerings including ADDI and Wazi Developer provides a strong foundation for application modernization and cloud transformation initiatives to accelerate our customers journey to hybrid cloud,” said Minaz Merali, Director, DevOps for IBM Z Hybrid Cloud. “By working with ITP, we will be able to introduce advanced application analysis on IBM Z and Red Hat OpenShift, as well as be able to provide on-demand project level analysis as part of a modern DevOps pipeline when and where the hybrid IBM Z developer needs it.”

As IBM Z customers accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud solutions, this collaboration will allow IBM clients to gain support for fully featured APIs and ability to run on Linux on IBM Z with support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SLES and Ubuntu distributions. The new capabilities will be generally available on March 19.

“We are excited that IBM has chosen the ITP HyperCube technology to take the DevOps and application modernization suite to the next level,” said Géza Gerhardt, Founder ITP Software Systeme GmbH. We are looking forward to supporting IBM in bringing exciting new features to DevOps teams worldwide.”

Statements regarding IBM's future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represent goals and objectives only.

(Press Relase) (Link to IBM)



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