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  • Gain high productivity and quality with ITP's leading OLAP HyperCube technology
  • Avoiding errors by knowing the impact of a change to the entire IT system
  • Review changes made by your team or contractors and stay in control
  • Use one environment for all languages, databases and platforms

Maintenance, modernization or migration: Any change to your software contains risks, which we help to minimize.

It starts with the cleaning of the software. The cross reference checking over all applications shows all missing links, no longer used programs, modules, tables, files, records, LOC etc. that should not be carried to the new world.

Developers learn ITP-PANORAMA within four hours. Then, they save 80% of learning and 90% of analysis time.

Just click on any detail of a complex software system and it will be displayed with all of its relationships across all applications


Version 5.0 now available

The new version of ITP-PANORAMA 5.0 has arrived and is waiting to being used in your IT. Version 5.0 brings many new features that increase productivity of developers.

These are:

New Scanner for COBOL with lots of improvements

  • Searches in graphs and browsers
  • Entering of search patterns with an "or" wizard
  • Easier entering of data in the GraphML format. This allows you to edit Graphics with other tools
  • Simpler and better export of data to Excel
  • Ability to  to hide graph nodes to reduce the complexity of a graph. A list of hidden nodes can be saved and re-applied
  • Scanner with full support of TAL (TANDEM Application Language)
  • Extended support for language NATURAL of Software AG
  • Easier setup of projects with the Project Manager
  • New features to change timeouts in OLAP Server
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Search through tens of millions of lines in seconds


Advanced OLAP HyperCube "in memory" Repository offers unrivaled performance!

Users of our technology are leaders in their industry