Unique Selling Points

  • Unique Data Flow Analysis shows the value chain through your applications. (top-down, bottom-up or both)
  • Interactive Graphical Structure Browser lets a developer go stepwise through programs and applications.
  • Brings online, real-time technical documentation of your software in a day.
  • Indexes the code on every detail that can be used as search criteria.
  • Transparency in complex, heterogeneous IT systems.
  • Helps to understand Dynamic Calls in seconds.
  • Analyses, searches and selections by mouse-click or REGEX-P wildcard.
  • Productivity through response time that is on average less than a second.
  • Shows all data in the repository with the selected criteria highlighted.
  • Search results are always 100% comprehensive and 100% correct and reliable.

What you cannot find by mouse click in a second does not exist in the scanned code.

  • Can be installed and up and running in a day.
  • Needs only four hours of training.
  • Supports all common operating and target systems.
  • Has scanners for all common programming languages. (Assembler to JAVA)
  • Uses modern OLAP HyperCube Technology.
  • Is a real Client / Server Implementation.
  • The HyperCube repository resides in the PC/Server RAM.
  • Runs on Windows 64Bit Edition and can process unlimited amounts of source code.
  • Can use up to 16 parallel multi-processors for search/analysis.
  • Can support hundreds of developers.
  • No software and no license required on the Client.
  • Needs minimal administration. Marginal traffic load on the network.
  • Runs on a dedicated PC/Server with no risk to the working system
  • Fastest scanner in the industry allow daily updates of the HyperCube repository.
  • Is in use at major IT users since 2000. (Finance, Industry, Outsourcing)
  • All customers are active reference sites.

ITP-PANORAMA can analyze your software to the smallest detail with a Software Check.

All of your programs will be compiled and all dependencies and links checked.

A 30 day trial period with five concurrent licenses will remove any risk before you decide to buy and will prove all of the above statements