How to manage all of your Java applications?

Common tools for APM of Java can only manage a fraction of complex applications written in Java. This is not good enough!

ITP-PANORAMA can master unlimited amount of Java code. Largest number LOC scanned so far is 240 Million.

It was never before possible to overview and analyze all Packages, Classes and Methods of an enterprise at the same time. ITP offers now both Eclipse/IDz user and PANORAMA interface.

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HPE NonStop and ITP-PANORAMA Partnership

A large number of HPE customer are using NonStop computers for their mission critical applications. New marketing ideas can only create new revenue as soon as IT can support them. Reducing the “time to market” is a competitive advantage if, the duration of a change request can be cut by a third or more. New government regulations also demand changes in software with a fix deadline. Higher productivity of developers is therefore a key factor.

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ITP-PANORAMA plug-in for Eclipse / IDz

A growing number of ITP customers is using Eclipse / IDz as user interface for their tools for software development, maintenance and modernization.

ITP is following the trend by developing an Eclipse plug-in for ITP-PANORAMA.

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Software Quality Analysis

This new module of  ITP-PANORAMA is performing analyses for all Programs, Section und Paragraphs of COBOL and PL/I more than fifty analyses. Result is a value between 1 and 10 shown also in  colors red, yellow and green. From critical parts of the software a developer is only a mouse-click away from the relevant part in the program listing where corrections or improvements have to be made.

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Linking Business Rules with Data in the HyperCube

OLAP HyperCube technologies allows to link business rules with the MetaData from scanned source code in the repository.

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GTUG International 2015 in Munich

ITP was present at GTUG International with a booth and a presentation that had attendees from various European countries. The solutions that were shown found great interest for maintaining and modernizing legacy applications.

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SUNTUG 2015 NonStop Spring Event in Tampa Florida

For the 5th time ITP-PANORAMA Inc. will be present, sponsoring the breakfast and showing new features and capabilities of ITP-PANORAMA.

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Resource browser for ITP-PANORAMA

You want to know the resources a program is using? It only takes a mouse-click and you open an interactive that shows all details as fast as you can think and click.

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Quality Checks with ITP-PANORAMA

With each run of the scanner all programs are checked for quality and quantity. For e.g. COBOL ITP-PANORAMA is displaying 21 graphics that show quality and quantity of the scanned sources.

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